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What symptoms do women face during menopause and what can be done about them? herea informs, connects and clears up taboos around the topic of menopause.

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What is herea Menopause Network

The herea Association's mission is to improve the quality of life for menopausal women. 


Many women who suffer from menopausal symptoms are reluctant to talk about it - in the family, at work and in society. In past years, this has led to the issue being severely underreported in all areas of life. Women who decide to talk about their symptoms and seek help from a doctor often have to search for a long time before they find the right medical contact. 

The solution

  • A well-informed woman: herea's independent editorial team, advised by leading medical specialists, provides expert information on all menopause-related topics in an easy-to-understand format. Discover the editorial formats.  
  • A reliable network: The herea Association maintains a lively exchange with medical, health policy and industrial figures who help shape the menopausal patient's environment.
  • A family-like community: In the herea forum, which is currently being developed, there will be a lively exchange from woman to woman. The herea team supports and moderates.


The Guidebooks

In the herea Guidebooks we put together tips for self-managing various menopausal symptoms. These are continuously updated and expanded. Check out the first Herea Guidebooks - more to come soon!

The Stories

Every herea Story portraits a powerful woman who shares her very personal experience with menopause. Read the first herea Stories - more to come soon! 

The Blog

In the herea Blog you will find articles on current topics related to menopause - from the fields of medicine, politics, events, society and research. Read the first herea Blogs - more will follow soon!

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